RemRam V1.5 First Edition

Marlin single nozzle

SKR 1.3 - Dual Extruder with single print-head

Februar um hi im new to 3d printing im having issues with my printer iv been told i need single party freising update the firmware havent got a clue were to find it or update it my nozzle hits the bed marlin single nozzle i start a print and i have to adjust manually every time and my memory card does not work my prints are at a very poor quality even after making changes to my slicer any help would be appreciated Brian Penix 8.

Februar um So I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger in a marlin single nozzle with the Cube. It all started when my inductive sensor gave up and quit.

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So I ordered a new one only to snap the mount for marlin single nozzle right off! So after putting on marlin single nozzle single extruder carriage that I saved for just such an emergency, I printed another Vampire dual extruder carriage thank you very much for that Rogerio Rodrigues. It would kill the print and the display would go all wacky.

marlin single nozzle

So it became time for an upgrade. Since it is a 32 bit board, that called for Marlin 2. So here I am trying to learn 2.

marlin single nozzle

So I exchange that for a new one that worked. At this point I got the X,Y and Z axis working and going in the right direction. I also got the heated bed working properly but the moment I hook up extruder 1's thermister it goes nuts shuts down the printer requiring a reset.

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After replacing the thermister I finally got it to heat up properly! As a test, I heated the extruders to and heated bed to 55 and let it run for about an hour with no issues see attached image.

Ich habe hier auch noch die Brocken für den "Prometheus" Clone rum liegen, aber ich glaube nicht, dass es an das NF ran kommt. Bin schon ein richtiger Fan vom NF Hotend geworden. Ich würde das auch für eine Single Extruder Konfig nehmen, falls es das gibt. Zum Dual Druck an sich gibt es eigentlich nichts hinzuzufügen.

Now it is time to align everything and print new cases for the new boards. I will then be back in business!

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This has been a real battle getting the printer to this point. Lots of new things all at once are not good and I don't recommend it for anyone!

Der Drucker kann weiter auch ohne Nachteile mit einer Düse betrieben werden. Sogar das Autobed leveling lässt sich unverändert verwenden. Beim Farbwechsel während dem Druck wird einfach das eine Filament soweit zurück gezogen, das das andere eingeschoben werden kann. Bei den meisten Slicern gibt es dafür bereits eine Einstellung bei Cura "dual extrusion switch amount". Firmware anpassungen Seit der 3Dator Firmware Version 1.