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John Charnley in Since then THA became one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures. In the 's, after two decades of experience with cemented THA, application of cementless devices was initiated.

Literatur 1. Ageberg E, Roberts D, Holmstrom E, Friden T The effect of short-duration sub-maximal cycling on balance in single-limb stance in patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury: a cross-sectional study. Ageberg E, Roberts D, Holmstrom E, Friden T Balance in single-limb stance in patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury—relation to knee laxity, proprioception, muscle strength, and subjective function. Ageberg E, Zatterstrom R, Moritz U, Friden T Influence of supervised and non-supervised training on postural control after an acute anterior cruciate ligament rupture: a 3-year longitudinal prospective study. Acta Ortop Bras — CrossRef 9.

Since then, many different designs of cementless endoprostheses have been developed to improve primary rotation stability and to avoid axial migration. Long-term solid anchorage of cementless hip endo prostheses cannot be achieved in case of stem micromotion at the bone-prosthesis interface, occurring prior to bone ingrowth and osteointegration at the interface.

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A new cementless hip stem developed by Scyon Orthopaedics AG Waedenswil, Switzerland provides immediate anchorage via fixation to the medial cortex of the femur teste de single leg stance monocortical locking screws. For geriatric patients an immediate solid anchorage is especially important to get them mobile and to allow partial weight bearing after THA.

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The aim of this study is to investigate biomechanically whether the Scyon stem would be able to carry loads during normal walking activity of a geriatric patient. Methods: Material and Methods: Six pairs of human cadaveric femora were used in this study.

teste de single leg stance

Within each pair, teste de single leg stance femur was randomly implanted with a cemented Müller-straight stem, whereas a Scyon stem was implanted in the contralateral femur.

All specimens were embedded distally and then biomechanically tested in a test setup simulating a single leg stance loading as described in a previous study by Götze et al.

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Cyclic axial loading was applied at a teste de single leg stance of 1 Hz with progressively increasing amplitude, starting at N and then increasing the peak load by 0. Number of cycles to failure and failure load were detected.

Source Researchgate Translate Introduction: Exhaustive exercise has been shown to impair balance ability, thus increasing the risk of knee injury in sports Changela et al. Even though the use of Kinesiology tape KT has lately gained popularity within the sporting community for injury prevention, there is a paucity of evidence demonstrating its effectiveness Williams et al. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the influence of KT on balance ability after eccentric exercise in healthy men.

The specimens in five pairs failed at the embedding area of the distal femur, keeping the endoprostheses in solid anchorage. Just one pair failed at the proximal femur.

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Results and Conclusion: Discussion: In a study by Bergmann et al. As a result, on average, the cementless Scyon stem is able to carry immediately after implantation higher loads than that in normal daily life activities.

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Since breakage of the femora occurred predominantly in their distal part, keeping the prostheses in solid anchorage, even higher failure loads of prostheses fixation can be expected. Further investigations on the new Scyon cementless prosthesis should be performed in clinical studies.

teste de single leg stance