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Berlin direct dating summit

Nowadays, in our hyper connected and dynamic world, for more and more organizations exponential growth rates have become the new normal. That growth is only possible due to high complexity and non-linear interdependency, so that it is too much for analogue management in the old school way. Only smart digital solutions in new patterns can keep up.

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Berlin direct dating summit the rest of the world with less than 1 million employees is unprecedented in human history. Out-performing the rest of the world with less than half of the population of Vienna, has never been done or known before in human history.

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How is that possible? How can this be useful for other organizations?

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What is the impact on your leadership and management? If berlin direct dating summit are intrigued by disrupting the economy and creating the future paradigm, join us at the: At the Collective Intelligence Summit, we will share with you several use cases of technology enhanced behavioral transformation based on the wisdom of crowds.

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We will discuss the critical success factors how CI-algorithms in combination with AI in the future will disrupt the world of management systems. And you will have many opportunities to network and interact with diverse, high-level professionals and experts coming from berlin direct dating summit, public services and the private equity sector.

Dean Radin from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

berlin direct dating summit

Corporate consciousness enhancement — how to evolve leadership Resonance for cultural change — how to shake up large systems Algorithmic decision making — how to make better decisions faster Data driven business models — how to qualify for the end game We are looking forward to meeting you and growing our network together.

It takes tremendous resilience to keep berlin direct dating summit cool head, still trust your gut feelings and carefully watch over the purpose of your business without losing focus.

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Individual mindfulness and collective consciousness need to go together for ground-breaking organizational performance. Based on the latest neuro-scientific research, this will propel collaboration and co-creation in your teams dramatically.

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Learn and discuss how to upgrade personal and collective emotional intelligence for more torque in your workforce. Session 2: Resonance for cultural change — how to shake up large systems Are you agile enough? Do you dare to make corporate experiments to learn? Do you share the same high-performance values?

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Do you trust each other? These questions need a hearty yes for lasting success in the new paradigm. Corporate culture is the fundamental asset of any modern organization.

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Learn and discuss how to engage your employees in cultural change driven by tools. Based on technology collective intelligence, you can find the neural hot spots and topics of your organization for maximum effect with minimal effort. Session 3: Algorithmic decision making berlin direct dating summit how to make better decisions faster Usually organizations are aware of time as a critical resource for the right value-to-market and time-to-market. Nevertheless, the speed of decision-making in berlin direct dating summit corporations is way too slow in our fast-paced environment.

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Additionally, the speed of implementation is berlin direct dating summit slower. So decisions are not executed and are constantly under revision.

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Learn and discuss how to speed up your corporate decision-making digitally, combining the wisdom of crowds, decentral empowerment, mitarbeiter kennenlernen smart algorithms.

Session 4: Data driven business models — how to qualify for the end game Don't ask your customers what they want.

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Know what they want. When, where and how much they want it. And how much they are willing to pay for it. All successful platform businesses have the big advantage that they know their customers, aggregating data to predict purchase behaviour. Learn and discuss how you can use internal and external data to improve or change your business model and your value chain. Including healthy lunch and beverages throughout the day. We are looking forward to co-creating with you. Team